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Heterogeneous disease-propagating stem cells in juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia 8th May 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
Human cortical neural stem cells generate regional organizer states in vitro before committing to excitatory neuronal fates 16th Mar 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
Ageing affects DNA methylation drift and transcriptional cell-to-cell variability in muscle stem cells Dec 2018
methylation Bookmark
Loss of muscle stem cells in aged mice is replenished by muscle-secreted niche factor G-CSF Dec 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Identification of slow-cycling germline stem cells and their regulation by PLZF Nov 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Malaria-induced remodelling of the bone marrow microenvironment mediates loss of haematopoietic stem cell function Nov 2018
malaria rnaseq Bookmark
Discovery and characterization of variance QTLs in human induced pluripotent stem cells Sep 2018
eqtl rnaseq Bookmark
Single-cell transcriptome of antler stem cells from antlerogenic periosteum H. Ba...
C. Li
Feb 2018
linked_reads rnaseq Bookmark
Single-cell RNA-Seq Resolves Cellular Heterogeneity and Transcriptional Dynamics during Spermatogonia Stem Cells Establishment and Differentiation J. Liao...
T. Lee
Dec 2017
rnaseq Bookmark
Heterogeneous Responses of Hematopoietic Stem Cells to Inflammatory Stimuli are Altered with Age M. Mann...
D. Baltimore
Jul 2017
rnaseq Bookmark
Establishment In Culture Of Expanded Potential Stem Cells J. Yang...
P. Liu
Apr 2017
rnaseq Bookmark
Mouse embryonic stem cells can differentiate via multiple paths to the same state J. A. Briggs...
M. W. Kirschner
Apr 2017
rnaseq Bookmark
Single-Cell Transcriptome Sequencing Of 18,787 Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Identifies Differentially Primed Subpopulations Q. Nguyen...
J. Powell
Mar 2017
crispr rnaseq Bookmark