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Increased evolutionary rate in the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak is due to transient polymorphism and not positive selection S. J. Spielman...
C. O. Wilke
Nov 2014 55
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Phylodynamic assessment of intervention strategies for the West African Ebola virus outbreak S. Dellicour...
P. Lemey
Sep 2017 35
Review Bookmark
Rapid metagenomic identification of viral pathogens in clinical samples by real-time nanopore sequencing analysis A. L. Greninger...
C. Y. Chiu
Jun 2015 31
Review Bookmark
Ebola virus is evolving but not changing: no evidence for functional change in EBOV from 1976 to the 2014 outbreak A. S. Olabode...
S. C. Lovell
Jan 2015 27
Review Bookmark
The risk of sustained sexual transmission of Zika is underestimated A. Allard...
S. V. Scarpino
Feb 2017 23
Review Bookmark
Quantifying ethical tradeoffs for vaccine efficacy trials during severe epidemics S. E. Bellan...
L. A. Meyers
Sep 2017 19
Review Bookmark
Bacterial sequences detected in 99 out of 99 serum samples from Ebola patients M. Manrique...
R. Tobes
Feb 2016 18
Review Bookmark
Assessing the accuracy of Approximate Bayesian Computation approaches to infer epidemiological parameters from phylogenies E. Saulnier...
O. Gascuel
Apr 2016 14
Review Bookmark
Health Information Needs and Health Seeking Behavior during the 2014-2016 Ebola Outbreak: A Twitter Content Analysis M. Odlum, S. Yoon, Jan 2017 14
Review Bookmark
Epidemiological and evolutionary analysis of the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak M. Luksza...
M. L?ssig
Jan 2015 13
Review Bookmark
Can Ebola Virus evolve to be less virulent in humans? M. T. Sofonea...
S. Alizon
Feb 2017 12
Review Bookmark
Potential impact of sexual transmission of Ebola virus on the epidemic in West Africa J. L. Abbate...
C. L. Althaus
Nov 2015 10
Review Bookmark
Viral outbreaks involve destabilised viruses: evidence from Ebola, Influenza and Zika S. Aris-Brosou...
J. Noël
Aug 2016 9
Review Bookmark
Directly Estimating Epidemic Curves From Genomic Data T. G. Vaughan...
T. Stadler
May 2017 9
Review Bookmark
Vaccination of health care workers to control Ebola virus disease A. Robert...
R. M. Eggo
Mar 2017 9
Review Bookmark
Assessing the performance of real-time epidemic forecasts S. Funk...
W. J. Edmunds
Aug 2017 8
Review Bookmark
Identification of important amino acid replacements in the 2013-2016 Ebola virus outbreak A. S. Olabode...
D. L. Robertson
Sep 2016 7
Review Bookmark
Random Spatial Networks: Small Worlds without Clustering, Traveling Waves, and Hop-and-Spread Disease Dynamics. J. Lang, J. L. K. . H. D. S. . J. C. Miller Feb 2017 6
Review Bookmark
Phenology supports the eco-environmental hypothesis for Ebola spillover events K. C. W. Valero...
A. McGill
Jul 2017 6
Review Bookmark
Quantifying the Risk and Cost of Active Monitoring for Infectious Diseases N. G. Reich...
N. M. Vora
Jun 2017 5
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