Anonymous open science agreement form for reviewer

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+ How it works

The reviewer specifies what they would like the author to agree to in terms of openness, and the reviewer also specifies what they are willing to commit to in terms of making their review content open. The authors are then able to accept, decline or suggest modifications to the agreement. Once the author and invited reviewer are agreed, the reviewer accepts the assignment from the journal. A record of the review agreement is kept for future reference.

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Before accepting the review invitation, the reviewer would like to ask the authors if they are willing to agree to the following: (Set a field to blank if don't wish to specify.)
Post a preprint of their manuscript as submitted to journal
Post a revised preprint after addressing reviewers comments
Make source code openly available
Make data openly available
The reviewer is also willing to commit to: (Set a field to blank if don't wish to specify.)
Complete review within following period:
Agree to reviewing a revised preprint, if required
Make review open alongside preprint subsequent to completion after ...
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