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Research area: bioinformatics

Real-time strain typing and analysis of antibiotic resistance potential using Nanopore MinION sequencing

Created on 15th May 2015

This paper has been published in GigaScience.

Note: this is an old submission, see here for the current submission.

Minh Duc Cao; Devika Ganesamoorthy; Alysha Elliott; Huihui Zhang; Matthew Cooper; Lachlan Coin;

Clinical pathogen sequencing has significant potential to drive informed treatment of patients with unknown bacterial infection. However, the lack of rapid sequencing technologies with concomitant analysis has impeded clinical adoption in infection diagnosis. Here we demonstrate that commercially-available Nanopore sequencing devices can identify bacterial species and strain information with less than one hour of sequencing time, initial drug-resistance profiles within 2 hours, and a complete resistance profile within 12 hours. We anticipate these devices and associated analysis methods may become useful clinical tools to guide appropriate therapy in time-critical clinical presentations such as bacteraemia and sepsis.

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